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Deposit Control Agents are products designed to prevent deposit formation in the pulping and papermaking system. With the large volumes of water, fillers and organic fiber that are used along with additives like binders, starches and pigments, the paper machine systems provides ideal conditions for both, organic as well as inorganic deposit formation and build-up. The higher operating temperatures and water recycle levels make surfaces in the circuit further prone to deposit build-up. Scale formation in vacuum pumps, fan pump blades, inner walls of pipelines are a common feature. Organic deposits often start proliferating from these "conditioning" layers of inorganic deposits. If uncontrolled they lead to the formation of biofilm and slime.
We offer a comprehensive deposit control program and include chemical antiscalants and biodispersants to overcome the problems associated with deposit formation. Antiscalants are formulated with powerful sequestering agents that interfere with and modify the crystalline structure of scale forming salts and do not allow them to adhere to surfaces. Biodispersants are blended surfactants and penetrants that dislodge any organic deposits.
Our products are designed to work at elevated temperatures and in a wide pH range of 4 - 8. These products are dosed at low dosages on a continuous basis depending on the water quality.
Finor CWT BD - Biodispersant
Finor PD 26 - Polymeric antiscalant
Finor DC 18 - Dispersant
Finor AS 4200M - Polymeric Dispersant
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